My experience at Sincerity Sound Studio is the most extraordinary studio experience I have had, ever, and I have worked in many studios. As an artist, multi instrumentalist and singer songwriter himself, Barry Jones’ approach is incredibly sensitive to the intimacy that happens in studio as an artist effectively bares their soul in sharing original material. He has an uncanny ability to hold space for his artists. What also makes him unique is that he has a collaborator’s heart. He has mastered the art of the technical side of recording and this mastery allowed me, as an artist, to stay completely in the flow of the recording process. He embodies the saying,

“I am here to serve the song.” Heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me Mr. Jones.


For LOVE Only...

Bennu St. Clair




My name is Craig Beauchamp and I am the manager/founding member of The Hillties. I recently worked with Barry Jones from Sincerity Sound Studios, and from the minute we walked in the door we could tell that there was magic in the air. From the world class gear to the eclectic setup of the studio we felt comfortable and ready to create. The quality of the tracks was first class, with the ability to isolate all parts of the band to achieve a top notch live off the floor sound. From start to finish Sincerity Sound Studio provided us with the atmosphere and inspiration to create our debut album, and would highly recommend working with them to any artist looking to produce high quality music.


Craig Beauchamp
The Hillties Manager/Founding Member


Barry Jones is the absolute best. Working with him on developing my songs and sound into a full-blown musical project was a dream come true. His ear for possibilities and his clear communication methods were game-changing. I'm so happy with the product we created and the experience shared.


 Gee Campos (lead of Brandon G River)

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